Ash People's Innovations

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We constantly strive to make sap easier to develop, to avoid repitition and to re-use tools.
Ash People's innovative tools

Ash People has already developed many tools to stop us from repeating our work, representing savings which we can pass on to our clients. We are committed to continue this line of development which will constantly push us ahead, enabling us to work faster, cheaper and better than the competition. Some of our creations are detailed below:

Automatic percentage calculator. This will automatically calculate the percentage progress of a report or task and will show it's progress as a percentage. This is all handled inside a function module which means it can be called from all programs with only the minimum of customising changes.

Auto fieldcat. This function module will automatically populate a fieldcat for alv grids for any table. This not only saves time, but will also save many lines of code which will make it far easier to read.

Code generator. This is one of our top programs that we are the most proud of. This will automatically generate fully commented code from a handful of user clicks which can then be further enhanced very fast. This program is always evolving to become better and better.

Unix file requester. While it is very easy to get a windows file requester (via the presentation server), a unix one is non-existant in sap. This function module will display a window with the same functionality as a windows file requester that will allow you to effortlessly browse the unix directories just like if they were windows directories. As this is a function module it can be called from any program with just a few lines of code.

Filemanager. This is one of Ash People's top programs. It allows you to have a windows-like file requester inside sap with which you can manipulate, move and display files just like Windows Explorer. You can transfer files around directories including the presentation server, the unix filestore and a recycle bin. You can easily copy files around thanks to the FTP style interface which automatically converts files to and from Windows and Unix (handling the carriage returns).

And many others including Auto CSV handling, text module searching, variant backup/restore, exception handling and more. These tools can save many hours of work and also make the code much shorter, neater and easier to maintain.