Oursourced Consultants

Value for money with the same quality
Ash People is very careful to ensure that outsourced work is done to the same high quality as uk based.
Outsourced news

New oursourced consultants
6 New oursourced consultants are taken on from India and will work with Ash People on future projects.
New outsourcing model
Ash People launches a new outsourcing model combining the cheapness of outsourcing with the person-to-person consultant interface and consultant finishing.
Outsourced structure

Outsourced consultants
We have Sap specialists working and living in India who will offer excellant value for money as they tackle projects successfully. Our consultants cover all areas of sap and are able to work on large projects together. This solution is not always suitable to all problems, sometimes a project will require face to face work with explantions not pratical over the phone. However, for large projects with a considerable amount of work required outsourcing can be of real benifit to a project to help with the budget.

Ash People works as an interface between our clients and the outsourced resources, we will discuss with you how much intervention is required as it is project dependent. However much intervention is required the solution will always be delivered and demonstrated by a uk consultant in a face to face meeting. This enables you to get the advantages of the cost saving of outsourcing plus the advantages of working face to face with a uk consultant.