Oursourced Model

Outsourcing so good that you wont be aware of it
Our model will save you money whilst still getting the highest quality of software
Our outsourced model

Our model has been designed to fit in with any client and to offer them the same high quality work that they would expect from a uk based consultant. The 6 step model is what we work with to ensure we deliver the software that is expected of us, the 6 steps are:

1. Uk based consultants meet with the client at their premisis to discuss the requirements, to find out what needs to be developed and to discuss which parts can be outsourced and which parts need to be done by consultants in the uk. If none is relevant for outsourcing or if it would represent a negative saving the consultants will advise the client of this.

2. The requirements are then reviewed by our team and functional and technical specifications will be drawn up with the relevant parts sent to our team in india.

3. The work starts both in the uk and abroad.

4. Finished work is then reviewed and tested by our uk consultants: programmers, functional consultants and our people not involved in the project to ensure we get a 'new users' viewpoint.

5. Any problems are then fixed, enhancements are added and the process goes back to point 4.

6. The finished work is then presented to a client face-to-face by the uk consultants in a meeting.

This model ensures that the client has no relationship with the outsourced workers and only deals, in a face to face mannor, with uk based consultants. This way the client is protected from many of the problems associated with outsourcing whilst reaping the cost rewards.